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Home Inspection Report. Prepared Specifically For: Jane & Mathew Smith. Inspected Address: 100 Maple Wood Lane. Greenville, SC 29605. Report # 5000W ...
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Hello welcome to our instructional video on how to customize your report using our mobile application report form Pro in this video we are going to cover how to add additional detail to your report for items that may not be included on the report in this example the item that we are going to cover is adding detail on an outdoor shower that's typically not something that is found on your every day report so here we are at the additional detail page the additional detail page is found at the end of the report tap on the green plus sign to add any details or any items that are typically not found on a standard report now tap on the camera to access the camera on your mobile device then you can locate your defect and take your photo which will be inserted right into the additional details section of your report so here we took a photo of a leaking outdoor shower obviously you're going to want to make a note in the comment section so tap on the comments section we are going to use voice-to-text to enter our notes regarding the situation once you have your comment entered you're going to tap on save at the top of the screen the Save button is located right where it says additional details now we're going to go ahead and save and send our report into a PDF format so put in your email address if it is not Auto populated already click save and send and the files will upload now we're going to get a PDF of the report popping up you can see that the additional detail that you have added to your report will be found at the end of the report so here's our detail on this outdoor shower you can add as many of these details as you want by clicking on the green plus sign to add more always make sure to tap on save after you enter the information and it will show up right in your report this concludes adding additional detail to your report in this next section we're going to cover how to use the draw tool to add custom detail to any of your photos and highlight defects found in your photos so here we're going to be reporting a cover missing from a receptacle located outside of a home on the exterior first take your picture enter it into your report add your note about the receptacle again we're going to use voice-to-text to do that because it is the most efficient way to enter notes after you have your comments entered then you're going to tap on the photo to add your custom detail by using the draw tool so tap on the photo then tap on draw at the bottom of the screen you can choose which color you want to draw with yellow and green work well because they show up on most photos but you can pick whatever color works for you I'm going to select yellow then I'm going to use my fingertip to draw right over the photo then you can click done at the top you can also go back and tap on the photo again and tap on draw again if you want to add some more detail to that then I drew in an arrow so now we're going to go and save our report always give a little bit of time for...